Coping with Labour Shortages: Implement IT Solutions to Reduce Reliance on In-House IT Teams

Are you struggling to find the right talent to meet your IT needs? If so, you’re not alone. With a critical shortage of skilled IT labour expected to continue until at least 2026, businesses are struggling to cope. But what can you do about it?

One solution is to implement IT solutions that reduce your reliance on in-house IT teams. By doing so, you can address cybersecurity demands and optimize your operations while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

To achieve this, you may need to partner with a technology provider that can help you implement the right IT solutions for your business. Blair Technology Solutions is one such provider. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner and leading Managed Services Provider in North America for Power Systems, Blair has the expertise and experience to help you achieve greater performance, flexibility, and reliability that are customized to meet your specific business needs.

Blair can help you with rationalization and staff augmentation in cybersecurity, too. The demand for third-party services in cybersecurity is on the rise due to the shortage of skilled security personnel. Small and mid-sized companies, in particular, are feeling the pain of the security workforce shortage, making staff augmentation a popular request. But customers are also asking for help trimming their security vendor lineups and reducing their SaaS outlays. Blair Technology Solutions can help you with all of these things.

By partnering with Blair, you can leave the IT management to us and focus on growing your business. Our team of experts is here to help you implement the right IT solutions to optimize your operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Take GlideFast, for example. They launched a training program after acquiring CloudPires, a ServiceNow Elite partner, to build a talented workforce. The program has trained about 150 employees since its inception, providing the company with the necessary expertise to meet customer demands. You too can benefit from partnering with the right technology provider.

So if you’re struggling to cope with labour shortages and address cybersecurity demands, it’s time to implement IT solutions that reduce your reliance on in-house IT teams. And with Blair by your side, you can do just that.

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